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Retro gaming, also known as classic gaming and old school gaming, is the playing and / or collecting of older versions of PCconsoles, and / or video games (generally arcade). Usually, retro gaming is based upon systems that are obsolete or discontinued. Therefore, It is a typical practice for the purpose of nostalgia, preservation or the need to achieve authenticity.

Three main Retro gaming are: vintage retro gaming, retro gaming emulation, and ported retro gaming.

Additionally, the term could apply to a newer game, but with features similar to those of older games, such as a “retro RPG” which features turn-based combat and an isometric camera perspective.


The idea of the Pac-man came to Toru Iwatani when he removed a slice from a pizza. As a result, this has inspired the founding of cook-a-boo.com. Therefore, our mission is to provide endless joy to retro gamers of all ages.

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Cook-a-boo.com focus in retro video game consoles. And we aimed to bring you the basis as Tetris, an endless diversification, joy and unlimited possibilities.

Cook-a-boo have right products in right place, at right price to unlock the gaming EXP.


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